Can God's Mercy end?

God's Mercy - A Biblical Explanation

God’s Mercy shows in the midst of affliction. Ephesians chapter two, verses four and five, is a very foundational chapter in this regard. “God is rich in Mercy and because of his great love. In which He has loved us even, while we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Messiah”. The Messiah is very important. If one is born again, then that person is never going to be in a situation, where God’s grace and his Mercy will disappear.

Let us look at the first two verses of Romans twelve. Here it says, “I beseech you”. This is a strong request with urgency and significance. “I beseech you therefore, Brethren”. He is speaking to Believers. He says, by the mercies of God, you present your bodies a Living Sacrifice. What type of Living Sacrifice? One that is Holy and well pleasing to God. This is the proper, the expected service for every believer.

Therefore, he goes on. “Do not be conformed to this world, but rather be ye transformed by the renewed mind, that you might prove, what is good and well pleasing and the perfect will of God.” Notice here it talks about Mercy. Mercy is going to work in a true believer’s life. It causes them to live sacrificially in regard to the purposes of God. Mercy makes you want to live in a way that demonstrates, that you have the mind of Messiah.

How does God’s mercy work?

God’s Mercy is going to work in a real believer’s life to produce obedience. In Second Chronicles chapter thirty and verse nine, it says, “for the Lord your God is gracious and merciful. He will not turn his face from you, if you return to him” If you are a believer, God will never remove his Mercy and Grace from you. True believers are going to live and be motivated by the mercy of God. It demonstrates the perfect will of God. Does that mean we do not struggle with sin? Of course, all people struggle with sin, but we should be growing and maturing. We should have victory over sin.

God dealing with non-believers

If I’m a Believer, and I’m in sin and rebelliousness, God’s going to discipline me. God’s going to place his punishment upon me to bring about repentance. This causes me to turn back to him in faith and obedience. He is faithful. With His Mercy He judges me and disciplines me. As the scripture says, whom the Lord loves, He disciplines.
I have had testimonies about people who have struggled for years with a particular sin and then God gives victory. He is gracious to do so. Nevertheless, for a non-believer it is different. When you know the truth, and you reject it. This means you are not interested in the things of God. If you reject that conscience over and over, you can become a reprobate. God just sets these people aside. The spirit does not move anymore. They are left to themselves. They are reprobate. And there is no solution other than a judgment of God that brings about their Eternal condemnation.
God¡s mercy


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