Baruch Korman at Bethel Church

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WATCH Baruch Korman’s teaching about Deception and the End Times at Bethel Church in Evansville, IN.

The Truth about the TRINITY

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WATCH Baruch Korman’s teaching about the Trinity and its importance. Is the Trinity actually in the Bible?


Study The Word of God verse by verse in a detailed way from the Hebrew perspective. We have compiled a wide selection of Bible books in video format, divided into the Old and New Testaments. You can browse them by book and share them with your family or friends. This section will be updated once new episodes have been uploaded to the book series.


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God’s creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, The Flood, The Tower of Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and  more…


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Moses, Egypt, The Nile, The 10 Plagues, The Ten Commandments, The parting of the Red Sea and much more…


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Entering The Promised Land, The Battle of Jericho, The land of Israel, Joshua and all his victories and much more…


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The story of Ruth is fascinating and tells how God uses different people to accomplish His Will.


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The persecution of the Jewish People has always happened. Mordechai and Esther are the main characters here.


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There is so much wisdom in the Book of Psalms. God used David for His Glory, even in times of active persecution.


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King Solomon shares his wisdom in this book. In the end, he repents before the Almighty


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The Book of Song of Songs is filled with Hebrew poetry. This book is written by Solomon, but inspired by God.


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Daniel is the most quoted prophet concerning the End Times. The Vision of the Beasts also appears in Revelation.


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Isaiah was one of the major Bible prophets. The prophecy of Messiah, several prophecies of Israel and Jerusalem and much more…


Play Video about Zecharaiah

Zechariah is another Bible prophet chosen by God to serve His Will. Study his prophecies in detail and how God used him for His purposes.


Play Video about Obadiah

An often overlooked prophecy that contains important information about the End Times before the Kingdom of God is established.


Play Video about Habakkuk

Habakkuk affirms that God is Sovereign and Omnipotent, and that He has all things under control. His prophecies are very important.


Play Video about Hosea

Judgement and Restoration are the main messages of the Prophet Hosea. Hosea denounces the worship of idols by the Jewish people.


Play Video about Jonah

The Prophet Jonah gives us a message of hope. Even when we are surrounded by darkness, God will still be there waiting for us to repent.


Play Video about Joel

The Book of Joel contains several prophecies concerning the End Times. The moon that is red like blood and the sun that does not shine.


Play Video about Micah

Micah describes God’s judgment coming on Israel, but also God’s merciful promise to restore His people back to the land of Israel.


Play Video about Haggai

The Book of Haggai tells the events of a small group of Israelites, led by Joshua and Zerubbabel, who returned to rebuild Jerusalem


Play Video about MALACHI

Malachi is an important book of the bible which contains much prophecy related to the Day of the Lord.




Play Video about Gospel of Mark

Mark’s Gospel explained in detail. All the events of the Life of Christ, from the perspective of Mark, in a comprehensive Bible study.


Play Video about Gospel of John

The Apostle John describes the life of Christ with much detail. The parables, the betrayal of Judas, the crucifixion, the resurrection and more…


Play Video about Matthew Gospel

The Gospel of Matthew gives us very insightful prophetic events to happen in the near future. Matthew 24 is filled with End Times Prophecies.


Play Video about Luke

The Book of Luke provides us with a unique account of the life of Christ, along with detailed events surrounding the crucifixion and the resurrection.



Play Video about Acts Bible book

The Book of Acts contains a record of the Apostles after the death of Christ, as well as the life of the Apostle Paul until the end of his life in Rome. 


Play Video about First Corinthians bible

First Corinthians describes the writings of the Apostle Paul to the believers in Corinth. Study, in detail, all aspects of this amazing book.


Play Video about Second Corinthians

Second Corinthians is the final part of the letters to the Corinthians. In this Epistle, the Apostle Paul appeals to Christians to be faithful to Christ.


Play Video about Galatians bible

The Letter to the Galatians focuses on the believers and how they shall follow Jesus Christ. Our characters have to reflect Christ’s character.


Play Video about Ephesians bible

The Letter to the Ephesians is centered on how the church comes to full spiritual maturity in Christ, and how every member has a role to play.


Play Video about Colossians bible

The Letter to the Colossians calls believers to examine their lives and to be transformed through the love of Christ. A must-watch series.


Play Video about Romans bible

In the Book of Romans, Paul lays out the greatest theological explanation of salvation and Christian doctrine for believers.


Play Video about Philipians

Philippians is a fascinating book in the New Testament. In this book, many Biblical principles for our faith are described.


Play Video about 1st thessalonians

First Thessalonians is a very insightful and prophetic book. Paul writes about how believers should strengthen the church and pray for one another.


Play Video about 2nd thessalonians

The persecuted church and Christ’s second coming are the main topics in this book. Paul also talks about the events before Jesus comes back.


Play Video about 1 timothy

In this letter, Paul writes to Timothy, a young pastor, offering guidance and important church leadership principles that still apply today


Play Video about 2nd timothy

The second letter of Timothy contains words of encouragement, but also reminds Timothy that he has to remain strong and faithful to Jesus Christ.


Play Video about Titus bible book

This is another letter of encouragement from Paul to Titus. Titus was facing challenges in his leadership of the churches of Crete.


Play Video about philemon book bible

The Book of Philemon contains only one chapter, but is a really important book of the Bible. Paul asks for forgiveness for a runaway slave named Onesimus.


Play Video about hebrews bible

This letter urges Hebrew believers not to return to their old traditions. Paul summarizes key Biblical characters and emphasizes their salvation in Christ.


Play Video about james bible

James encourages believers to have genuine faith and to be persistent. Believers should also act in a way that shows their faith.

1st. PETER

Play Video about 1 peter

First Peter talks about the persecution of Christians. At the time, they were an oppressed minority living in Rome and in need of comforting words.

1st. JOHN

Play Video about 1 John Bible

First John tells believers that they should reject heretical doctrine. Christians should also love one another and follow the commandments of God.

2nd. JOHN

Play Video about 2nd John bible

In Second John, Paul encourages believers to be attentive and not to fall for false doctrines. They also have to love one another.

3rd. JOHN

Play Video about 3rd John bible

Third John is the shortest book of the Bible, and it mainly talks about Gaius and Demetrius who are being commended for their faithful service. 


Play Video about Jude bible

The Book of Jude has a very straightforward message. Believers should be able to spot false teachings while defending the Good News. 

Play Video about revelation bible

The Book of Revelation contains most Bible prophecy related to the End Times. Studying this book is definitely a duty for every serious believer. 


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