The River Euphrates is drying up

The Euphrates is rapidly drying up

I would like to start with a warning: do not believe everything you read and see on the Internet. There are many charlatans who will try to deceive you. We know that in the last days, a spirit of deception will manifest and spread throughout the world that will want to deceive us and lead us away from the truth. Likewise, many people will try to be very sensationalistic with their publications.

Now, I understand that we all want people to watch our videos and listen to what we have to share, but we also need to be very wise in what we are listening to. So, there is a topic which has been in the news lately, and it’s about the Euphrates River. People are very curious and want to know if the drought of this river, which by the way is mentioned in the book of Revelation, has to do with the prophecy written in Revelation chapter 16.

Does this drought have to do with Bible Prophecy?

The answer is absolutely not. We can be sure that what the Bible speaks of in Revelation 16 in relation to the Euphrates River is not happening now. I don’t know what the current state of the Euphrates River is, but what we do know, is that rivers from time to time, change their water level. In fact, rivers change course and move constantly. Normally, there are stretches that used to have water and were part of the river, as the river moves and changes course. What usually happens in that segment, which was part of the river full of water, is that after decades it becomes empty and is no longer a place where water flows. This is a normal, usual thing, and I firmly believe that this is what is happening with the Euphrates.


What does Revelation 16 really say about the Euphrates? 

Let’s start with Revelation 16 and verse 12. This refers to the bowl judgments and when the bowl judgments will happen. We must remember something in the book of Revelation, here we have seals, trumpets and bowls. The seals happen before the rapture as we know, because we have a promise; the church, the community of believers, will never experience the wrath of God. The church will be raptured together with the Lord. I am referring to our lord Yeshua, the Messiah Jesus. All true believers will be caught up into the air with him, before the wrath of God begins. When we look at the scripture, we see that the wrath of God is announced in the sixth seal, but it does not begin until the trumpet judgments are completed.

We have to be very clear about this, this is not speculation or interpretation, but a fact based on the simple reading of the texts. When this event has happened, only then will the Euphrates River dry up, however, true believers will not be here. This is known as the Blessed Hope. The Rapture will have already taken place, so it is very disappointing that people talk about this river drying up, and do claim this is related to prophecy.


The Cup of God’s Wrath and the Sixth Angel

In verse 12 of Revelation 16, the sixth Angel poured out his bowl on the river the great river Euphrates and the water of the river dried up. Let’s look at this carefully, here it does not speak of a natural phenomenon but of a supernatural event that happens, because of the Angel pouring his cup on the river. This supernatural event, will happen very quickly and then all the water will dry up, not just a part of that river.

Likewise, Revelation 16 speaks of this drought happening so that the way of the Kings of the East can be prepared. Understanding this, is key to understanding the spiritual events that are going to take place. The Antichrist’s empire and his army will be moving towards Jerusalem, so rest assured, that what is happening today with the Euphrates River definitely has nothing to do with anything in the book of Revelation. 

We must be close to God, so that we can walk faithfully and be found faithful when the Messiah returns to gather his disciples.


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