CHAPTER 14 | Verses 1-7

After the revealing of the antichrist, the Church Age will end with the Rapture (2 Thessalonians 2v1-5) We see, in this chapter, a review of the Rapture (v1-5), information about God’s wrath (v6-13) and the 2nd Coming of Yeshua (v14-20).

In chapter 7 we viewed the 144 000 sealed tribes as relating to the people of Israel in a general sense. These are the Jewish people who are alive on earth throughout the final sevenyear period. The seal of God preserves them through this time. The emphasis in chapter 7 is on the seal. There was no mention of the Lamb or Mt Zion in relation to this 144 000.

In Chapter 14 the focus is on the 144 000 who are called “First fruits to God and the Lamb” (i.e. This 144 000 speaks, collectively, of the Church who is going to be raptured – Jews and Gentiles who have received the Gospel, prior to the Rapture). The emphasis on this 144 000 is the Lamb (Yeshua) and Mt Zion. This 144 000 should not be thought of as the First Fruits of the House of Israel.

Verse 1: “I looked and behold a Lamb, standing upon Mt. Zion. And with Him were 144 000 carrying His name, and the name of His Father, written upon their foreheads.”

The word (Passover) “Lamb” sets this verse in the context of redemption. Zion means “to mark” (like to mark a location). These 144 000 reflect the plans, purposes and excellency of God.

*Verse 1-5 strongly suggests that this 144 000 (The Raptured and Redeemed Church) are in the Kingdom of Heaven.



Verse 2: “And I heard a voice from the heavens, as a voice of many waters and like the voice of a great thunder. And I heard the sound of those holding a harp and they were playing their harps.”

Water, in Revelation, speaks of the people of the nations (17v15). The waters in this verse speak of the people of God. These people are praising and worshipping God.


Verse 3: “And they sung a new song before the throne, and before the four creatures, and before the elders. And no man was able to learn the song except the 144 000, for they were redeemed from the earth.”

Most scholars understand this new song as relating to the Gospel. It is only through redemption that we are able to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4v23-24).

New is related to the Kingdom (Isaiah 43v18-19). What we can glean from this is that the song, that they are singing, is a Kingdom song. Before the throne speaks of submissiveness. They acknowledge and submit to His rule. In this present age, this 144 000 (church) responded to God’s call of salvation and experienced redemption (??????(


Verse 4: “These were not defiled (?????? (with women, but they are virgins and they walk after the Lamb wherever He should go. For these are the ones who were redeemed from the midst of man, the first fruits to God and to the Lamb.”

There is a play on words between redemption in verse 3 and defiled in verse 4. The Hebrew word for redemption and the Hebrew word for defilement are written very similarly. It shows us how close truth and error are. Turning a little bit one way leads to redemption, turning a little bit the other way leads to defilement.

When the prophets spoke about defilement they were speaking of idolatry. (e.g. In Hosea the adultery of his wife was a picture of Israel’s idolatry before God). When it speaks of the purity of this 144 000 it simply means that they did not commit spiritual fornication/adultery i.e. idolatry.

It does not necessarily mean that these are virginal men. In other words, these 144 000 worshipped God rightly. They did not fall into an idolatrous lifestyle.

Virgins also speak of faithfulness. First fruits has to do with resurrection (1 Corinthians 15v20).

These people have had a resurrection experience – they identified with the Lamb who was slain. (2 Timothy 2v11, Romans 6v5-10 – This speaks of a body of believers/the Church.)



Verse 5: “And there was no deceit found in their mouth, for they are pure before the throne of God.”

As already mentioned, the 144 000, spoken of in chapter 7, spoke of an Old Testament people that will come into the Kingdom. They are preserved and sealed for salvation. Chapter 14 speaks of a New Testament people who have faith in the Lamb. They have been redeemed and submit to the authority of God’s rule.



Verse 6: “I looked and there was another angel flying in the heights of heaven. And it was given to him that he might proclaim the Everlasting Gospel to those who dwell upon the earth. To every nation, to every family to every language and every people.”

Scripture needs to interpret Scripture. After a time of persecution of believers (Matthew 24v9- 13) the gospel will be proclaimed in all the world (Matthew 24v14) ….and then the end (of the Church Age) will come. Why? Because after these things the ‘abomination of desolation’ happens (Matthew 24v15). The Church Age ends, shortly thereafter, with the rapture. (2 Thessalonians 2v1-5) Following the rapture, the enemy sets his attention toward the children of Israel. (Matthew 24v16-25 – there is a shift of focus, in verse 16, to Judea and to the land of Israel). This is when the time of ‘Jacobs Trouble’ begins (Daniel 12v1, Jeremiah 30v7).


Verse 7: “And he said in a great voice: ‘Fear God and give glory to Him, for the time of His judgement has come. Worship the One who made the heavens, and the earth, and the sea and the springs of water.’”

Judgement and wrath come after the rapture. God did not appoint us (believers) to suffer wrath (1 Thessalonians 5v9) Water is synonymous with life. Worship the One who is the source of Life. Eternal Life


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