CHAPTER 9 | Verses 11-16

Verse 11: “I saw the heavens open up and, behold, a white horse. The one who sat upon it is called Faithful and True. In righteousness He judges and makes war.”

This is not the same horse and rider mentioned in Revelation 6v2. This rider is Yeshua and He is coming to make war. He is called Faithful. Faithfulness is the manifestation of truth. He is also called Truth and He manifests this through His acts. Here He is bringing about God’s judgement, the outcome of which will be the establishment of the Kingdom.


Verse 12: “His eyes were flames of fire, and upon His head were many crowns. He has a name written upon Him that no man is able to know except Himself.”

A name that only He knows is an idiom. Only God can know or understand God (Isaiah 40v13-14, 1 Corinthians 2v11).


Verse 13: “He is clothed in a garment dipped in blood, and His name is called the Word of God.”

Blood signifies redemption but also speaks of judgement (Isaiah 63v1-6) The Word of God is synonymous with the mind of God or the purpose of God. Messiah Yeshua is coming to fulfil the mind, the purpose and the will of God. (i.e. The Kingdom)

Verse 14: “And the armies of heaven went forth after Him, upon white horses, and they were dressed in fine, clean linen garments.”


Verse 15: “Out of His mouth went forth a sharp sword, to strike the nations. He will rule with a rod of iron and He will tread the winepress of the hot wrath of the God of the armies.”

Nations refers to those of any nationality, ethnic group etc. that does not have a covenantal relationship with God. Rod of iron tells us that He will not tolerate sin. Yeshua maintains the righteousness of God’s character (found in the commandments of God).

Verse 16: “And upon His garment, and upon His thigh, was written a name: ‘The King of kings and the L-rd of lords.’”

In Biblical times they grabbed the thigh in greeting – in the same way that we shake hands today.

The King of kings is used here as a reference to the ruler ship of Messiah.


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