CHAPTER 16 | Verses 13-21

Verse 13: “And I looked and behold, from the mouth of the dragon, from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, went forth three unclean spirits like frogs.”

Satan (the dragon) is the one who is leading these kings. Frogs are not kosher/ unclean animals. In Jewish tradition there is a relationship between frogs and demons.


Verse 14: “For demonic spirits are they. They make signs which go forth to the kings of the earth, and world, in order to gather them up for the war of that great day of the L-rd God of Hosts.”

Demonic power is always used for the purpose of deception. These kings are going to be deceived into believing that they can conquer.


Verse 15: “Behold I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments, so that he will not walk naked and people see his nakedness.”

When the Bible references ‘coming as a thief’ it is referring to Messiah (1 Thessalonians 5v1-2, 2 Peter 3v10). He comes as a thief for those who are unprepared, those who live in darkness (1 Thessalonians 5v4).

Yeshua used this concept of ‘watching’ in the garden of Gethsemane. He used it moments before he was about to fulfil what He had come to this life to do. To lay down his life. The disciples could not watch, and did not watch – even for one hour – they were disgraceful in their response to Messiah at that moment of truth. They fled and denied Him because they were not careful to watch (Matthew 26v40-46) When the shepherd was struck the sheep scattered (Matthew 26v31).

Yeshua also spoke about watching in Matthew 24v42-44 where He told His followers to watch, or to take heed, because He is coming again. He does not want that day to catch us off guard. Garments are related to, symbolically, good deeds (Revelation 19v8). Those who are watching and being diligent are going to have their clothes (good deeds) with them. They will be obedient to the commandments of God. This obedience covers up their shame. Nakedness and shame go together.

Verse 16: “For He will gather them to the place, which in Hebrew is called Armageddon.”

God is going to manifest Himself in a very unique way in this place. He is going to make a great pronouncement: That there is punishment for those who want to thwart His purposes. Armageddon is found in the Jezreel Valley, It means ‘The Mountain of Destruction’. 

Jezreel means “God will plant’ and it is associated with a promise – that in the place of destruction God is going to plant His people. In Isaiah 63 we see that the first place that Messiah is going to return to is Bozrah, the mountain of Esau known as Mt Seir. Next, He will come to Armageddon and destroy this large army that wants to destroy and take Jerusalem. The third place He returns to is the Mount of Olives.


Verse 17: “And the seventh angel poured out his bowl in the air. And a great voice went forth from the sanctuary in the heavens, from the throne. And he said, “It is done”.

God’s wrath and judgement has been poured out in order to prepare the way for His throne (i.e. His rule and reign).


Verse 18: “And it came about voices (sounds,) and thunders and lightening’s, and there was a great earthquake which has not been like it from the time that man was on earth. The earthquake was very great.”

(see Exodus 20 and explanation of 4v5) Mt Sinai is a glorious and a dismal location. Glorious because God manifested Himself. Dismal because Israel did not respond properly to God’s manifestation. God moved closer to them, to put them into a place where they could not sin, but they moved away from Him and rejected Him. What we see here is a second opportunity for Israel. This does not mean that a person – Jew or Gentile – gets a second chance. 

We are talking solely about those who are alive when this happens. It is appointed for man to die once and after that the judgement (Hebrews 9v27-28). There are no second chances for a person individually. For Israel collectively, for those alive at the time, they will be given an opportunity, where their ancestors failed, to respond in obedience, to act in faith.

Every time an earthquake happens in the Bible it shows us that this has worldwide implications attached to it. This is a supernatural earthquake. It announces the coming of the Kingdom.

Verse 19: “And the great city (Jerusalem) was divided into three parts. And all the cities of the nation’s fell. Babylon the Great was remembered before God, to give her the cup of His wine of His wrath.”

Three is for the purpose of revelation or declaring something. Babylon and the evil empire, of the last days, are connected. This empire is often simply spoken of as Babylon. God is going to judge this empire.


Verse 20: “And every island fled, and the mountains were not found.”

God is going to bring change to this world and to His creation. There are not going to be any more mountains or islands. Throughout the prophets, whenever a change in creation is mentioned it is for the purpose of redemption. There is the payment, or means, of redemption (blood) and then there is the outcome of that payment – Kingdom.


Verse 21: “And heavy hail, that was the weight of a talent, came down from the heavens upon mankind. And the men blasphemed God on account of the plague of hail, and they would not give glory. For exceedingly heavy was this plague.”

Many of these final plagues are reminiscent of the plagues in Egypt. These people are blaming God for their trouble, not realizing that these things are happening because of their own unrighteousness. ‘Babylon, Babylon has fallen’ was pronounced earlier (14v8) – a wise person would have left Babylon at that point (like a wise person would leave a building that is on fire). Not only do we get ourselves ready for what is to come upon this world but, if we are wise and understand the call that we have been given (that of the ministry of reconciliation), we will be quick and ready to proclaim the everlasting gospel to those who are perishing. 


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