CHAPTER 3 - Verses 1 - 6

VERSE 1: “To the messenger of the congregation of Sardis write: Thus, says He who holds the seven Spirits of GOD and the seven stars(leaders), I know your works. You have a name that you are alive, but behold you are dead.” 

The Spirit of GOD brings righteous order into our lives, that we might be faithful to the things of GOD. The leaders need to take truth to the people. This congregation is dead because they don’t understand spiritual truth, especially prophecy. If we do not understand the prophetic truth of GOD we are not going to be able to live lives that testify of our faith in Messiah Yeshua. 

VERSE 2: “Watch out and strengthen that which remains, because it is close to dying. For I have not found your works complete before GOD.”

Yeshua often used the words “Watch out!” (Matthew 7v15, Matthew 24v4, Luke 12v15) Are we diligent in the things of GOD? Do we perceive things from GOD’s perspective? Do we recognize prophetic signs, so we can position ourselves in an obedient location? This congregation is not diligent in the things of GOD, and not aware of prophetic truth. 

VERSE 3: “Remember that which you have received and what you have heard (prophetic truth). Guard this and repent. If you will not be diligent I will come upon you as a thief in the night and you will not know at what hour I am coming unto you.” They have received, and heard, prophetic proclamation. 

When we don’t study prophesy, we don’t think about the last days. If we don’t think about the last days we are not going to be prepared. If we are not prepared we will be easily defeated, and not manifest GOD’s glory as we are called to. People who are repentant and watchful are going to know the season of GOD’s return. i.e. its nearness (1 Thessalonians 5v1-5) Noah knew when the flood waters were going to come (Genesis 7v4) – he didn’t know 100 years before; but he did know 7 days before. The floodwaters took the world by surprise, but they didn’t take Noah and his family by surprise. Likewise, we are going to know, based on the signs/prophetic indicators, that the time of the rapture is close. 

We will not know the day or the hour, but we will know the season, the time at hand. Those who are not watchful or prepared will be caught off guard – to them GOD will come like a thief. Yeshua says He is coming soon/quickly. This means that when the changes begin to happen, they happen swiftly. When people are saying “peace and safety” sudden destruction will come upon them. There will be no time to prepare then. (Matthew 25v1-13) 

VERSE 4: “You have also at Sardis a few names which have not soiled their garments, and who walk with me in white garments, For they are worthy of this.” 

‘White garments’: They walk in the justification of GOD. God gives these garments to each one (Rev 6v11) through the work of Messiah on the cross. These garments are not earned. 

VERSE 5: “The one who overcomes will put on white garments and I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life. And I will confess his name before My Father and before the angels.” 

Predestination, in Calvinism, says that GOD has chosen some people for His Kingdom and others for eternal damnation. This is not what we see in the Scripture. GOD’s desire is that all might repent and find life (Ezekiel 33v11). When a baby is born GOD has a perfect purpose for it. (Ephesians 2v10) The potential for maximum reward, in the eternal Kingdom, is there. It is up to us to respond in obedience. Every time we disobey we suffer a loss (1 Corinthians 3v15) GOD puts the names of all people into the Book of Life. 

In Exodus 32v32 Moses seems to imply that his name was written in the book, presumably the book of life. In the next verse (v33) GOD says to Moses that ‘Whoever has sinned against Me I will blot out of My book.’ Those who sin (everyone) need a new way to be part of the Kingdom. This is, of course, through faith in Yeshua, the Lamb of GOD; and through faith in Him, our names are now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

Only those whose names are found in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be saved. If we confess Messiah Yeshua before men He is going to confess us before His Father (Matthew 10v32). There is much joy when one soul repents. (Luke 15v10) The angels are going to rejoice when Yeshua confesses our name before the Father. 

VERSE 6: “For he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the congregations.”


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