CHAPTER 22 | Verses 3-6

Verse 3: “There will no longer be any curse. The throne of God and the Lamb will be in it, and His servants will serve Him.”

There will be no curse as there is no more sin. The throne/rule of God has arrived. A new reality.


Verse 4: “They shall see His face and His name will be upon their foreheads.”

The priestly blessing asks the L-rd to make His face shine upon His people (Numbers 6v22-27). There is a relationship between seeing the face of God and being blessed. The angels of children always see the face of God (Matthew 18v10). The angels are blessed in order to do their work in guarding the children.

His name is synonymous with His character, forehead has to do with thoughts. We are going to think according to the character of God. If we walk with God we are called to live according to His character. His character is seen in the life, the work and the words of Messiah Yeshua. He never violated the Torah or any of the commandments (1 Peter 2v21-24, 2 Corinthians 5v21).


Verse 5: “There shall no longer be any night, nor will there be a need for the light of a candle or for the light of the sun. For the L-rd God He will shine upon them, and they shall rule forever and ever.”

Night has to do with fear. Nothing will be unknown. A time is coming when we will know ourselves as we really are (this is an idiom that means we are going to have perfect knowledge; 1 John 3v2)

God created light on the first day (Genesis 1v3-5). This light was not dependent on the sun, moon or stars, which were only created on the fourth day (Genesis 1v14-19). A time is coming when God, and His glory alone, will illuminate His people.

Verse 6: “Then he said to me: ‘These things are true and faithful. For the L-rd, the God of the holy prophets, sent His angel in order to show His servants all which will be quickly.”

‘These things’ refersto everything that this book of Revelation hasrevealed to us. The significance of prophecy is emphasized in the next few verses. Revelation is difficult to understand if we do not know the prophets.

Servants of God realize their absolute need to understand the revelation of the prophets, who teach about the Kingdom of God. They outline for us where Israel is spiritually, and what God is going to do in the last days to bring Israel to submissiveness to Him.

The word ‘quickly’ in this context does not mean tomorrow or the next day. It means that when these things (revealed to us in the book of Revelation) begin to happen they are going to happen very, very quickly. He tells us this in order to give us insight. If we wait for these things to begin and only then start to make ourselvesready it is going to be too late. We will be caught off guard


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