CHAPTER 5 | Verses 15-20

Verse 15: “So that in the streets they were bringing the weak and were setting them upon cots (little beds) and also upon mats in order that Peter coming, even the shadow, would overshadow some of them.”

Verse 16: “Coming together also the multitude from the regions of the cities. They brought the sick and those that were tormented by unclean spirits so that all were being healed.”

The regions of the cities: The locations, or neighbourhoods, of the cities around Jerusalem. The sick and those that were tormented by unclean spirits: Sick both physically and spiritually.

Unclean spirits: Unclean spirits were being defeated. This is the Scripture’s way of putting a divine stamp of approval on what the Apostles were teaching and doing. They were having success in spiritual warfare. The Apostolic authority was for defeating the enemy, giving us victory, and bringing about a restoration of the will of G-d.

All were being healed: Without limitations. Every aspect of G-d goes beyond limitations – He is omniscient (knowing all things), omnipresent (located in every location), and omnipotent (allpowerful).

Verse 17: “But the high priest stood up, and all those who were with him, those being from the sect of the Sadducees and they were made full of envy.”

The Sadducees: They were the ruling body of the elders of Israel. They did not believe in a supernatural G-d who worked and manifested Himself before the people. The high priest aligned himself with them.

Full of envy: The people were rejoicing and excited. They were coming to, and acknowledging, this Apostolic authority. This ‘old guard’ of leaders were disappointed and envious about this.

Therefore, they stood in opposition to this new leadership.

Verse 18: “They cast their hands upon the Apostles, and they set them in a public jail.”

They: A small, very influential, portion of the leadership of Israel, in Jerusalem, at that time. It was not the Jewish people as a whole.

Cast their hands upon the Apostles: In opposition to Apostolic authority they exercised their authority.

A public jail: A public place of detention.

Verse 19: “But the angel of the L-rd, by night, opened the doors of the prison and, leading them out,”

The angel of the L-rd: When he is manifested in Scripture it is usually within the context of salvation and/or deliverance. God moved against the leadership of the day in support of the Apostolic authority and leadership.

By night: It was through angelic power, at night-time, that the children of Israel came out of Egypt. There is a correlation between Redemption and the night-time.

Verse 20: “he said: ‘Go and stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.”

Go and stand and speak: The government had commanded them not to teach in the name of Yeshua, however the angel commanded them to go and speak of it. G-d always trumps the government’s authority. What G-d says we need to do.

All the words of this life: A life that G-d specifically reveals in His Word.


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