CHAPTER 5 | Verses 33-37

Verse 33: “Those who heard these things were cut and they desired to kill them.”

Those who heard: The members of the Sanhedrin, the ruling council of the children of Israel.

Were cut: There was conviction, but not in a Godly sense.

There are two forms of conviction:
1. Conviction that brings about obedience
2. Conviction that arouses anger in the person when their sinfulness is exposed.
Instead of repenting they lash out, and their true nature/character is manifested.

They desired to kill them: They had just heard of God’s provision of repentance for Israel, about the fulfilment of God’s will, about obedience to the purposes of God. Should that bring about a desire to kill someone?

Verse 34: “But a certain one stood up in the Sanhedrin, a Pharisee named Gamliel. He was a teacher of the law, honourable to all the people. He commanded that outside for a little while the apostles would be put.”

Gamaliel: He was a Pharisee and is well known in Judaism. He had a sensitivity to the things of God and gave wise counsel.

He was a teacher of the law: He understood the nature and purposes of the commandments of God and had a very different attitude to his peers.

Verse 35: “And he spoke to them and he said: ‘Men, Israelites, guard yourselves concerning these men that you are ready to strike them.’”

Them: The members of the Sanhedrin

Guard yourselves: This is a warning. Gamliel probably picked up on some of the Torah truth that Peter was sharing when he said Messiah was hung on a tree.

Verse 36: “For before these days Theudas stood up claiming to be someone great and a number of men were joined to him, 400. He died and all the ones who were persuaded to him were scattered and this all became nothing.”

400: This is a global, worldly, number. These men were of the world.

Verse 37: “And after this, Judas the Galilean rose up in those days of the census. He drew away after him many, but he perished and all those who were convinced of him were scattered.”

Judas the Galilean: Gamliel is giving examples of individuals who rose up against the leadership of Israel.

He perished…(they) were scattered: Prideful people rise up and the implication is that they are struck down in punishment with nothing coming of their movement/organization.


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