CHAPTER 5 | Verses 11-14

Verse 11: “And it came about great fear upon all the congregation. This great fear also was upon all the ones hearing these things.”
Great fear: See verse 5.

Upon all the congregation: Giving God priority, by reverencing or fearing Him, is the description of the ecclesia, the Church of God. Walking in this fear, that we have for God, is going to cause us not to deceive, distort or lie.

Upon all the ones hearing: Even those who were not part of the congregation could not deny, when they heard these things and saw the burial places, the testimony. It also made an impression upon them. God’s truth is mighty to bring about change – in the believers first and, that change, is going to have an impact upon others.

Note: We see the significance of the Apostolic ministry being given. It is manifested first to the body of believers and then to the rest of the people. At the end it is going to be the leaders of God that are going to inherit and rule the world. This is a foreshadowing of that.

Verse 12: “By the hands of the Apostles were done miraculous signs and wonders among the people, many. And they were all in one accord in Solomon’s portico.”

Miraculous signs and wonders … many: What is being emphasized is not the number of miracles – although they were numerous – but rather that they were signs. This should have caused reflection among the people, as miracles are God’s visual aids to revelation (see Note under 3v2). These signs and wonders conveyed Biblical truth. The purpose of them was to enable people to draw closer to God in worship.

Solomon’s portico: Solomon’s Hall was the closest place someone, who was not a Levite or a Priest, could get to the temple. This was a place of worship. It was a place of intimacy, closeness, to God.

Note: Worship is not just praising, adoration and the study of God’s Word. Worship is also service. It is living a sacrificial life full of good deeds – producing the fruit of the Spirit.

Verse 13: “But no one dared to join them, but the people magnified them.”

No one dared to join them: Those who did not have this faith, who did not understand the teachings and message of these miracles, did not join in.

Verse 14: “There was added to the number of those who were believing in the L-rd a multitude of men and also women.”

Women: We see that women played a highly significant role in the New Testament. The word ‘man’, in the Biblical sense, has to do with this composite between male and female. Although equal, there is a difference between male and female. When they come together, in the way that God intended (Genesis 2v22-24), they manifest/reflect a godly character.

In the book of Acts as the church is being manifested, developed, we see that there is, once more, an emphasis on male and female. This all goes back to God’s created purpose.


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