CHAPTER 5 | Verses 6-10

Verse 6: “The young men standing wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him.”

Wrapped him up: Wrapping up the body for burial was the tradition of the Jewish community at that time.

Buried him: The emphasis in Judaism is a quick burial. We see this being affirmed here. Ananias was buried even though his wife was not even there. Burying the dead is of the utmost importance and it takes precedence over all things. Only after the burial does the mourning begin.

Verse 7: “It came about as three hours afterwards his wife came in, not knowing what had happened.”

Three hours afterwards: 3 hours after Ananias had died. The number 3 is for the purpose of revealing something.

His wife: Biblically the woman is the man’s help mate. God had graciously equipped her to assist her husband – to assist him in the things of God, not in his own desires.

Verse 8: “And Peter answered her, and he said: ‘Say to me if such-and-such was given for the field.’ And she said: ‘Yes, such-and-such’.”
Answered her: He is responding to this issue.

Such-and-such: Peter was being specific about the price. Sapphira replied in the affirmative to that specific amount.

Verse 9: “Peter said to her: ‘Why have you conspired together to test the Spirit of the Lord?

Behold the feet of the ones who buried your husband are at the door and they are going to carry you as well.”

The Spirit of the L-rd: This is the third time the Holy Spirit is referred to in this passage.
1. In verse 3 He is called the Holy Spirit.
2. In verse 4 He is mentioned as God.
3. Here He is being referred to as the Spirit of the Lord (possibly ‘Lord’ is referring to Yeshua Himself – It is only when we recognise the L-rdship of Yeshua in our lives that the Holy Spirit can function powerfully or mightily).

The purpose of these differences is to give us a greater understanding of who The Holy Spirit is. He is working, ministering, and dwelling in the believers. The authority that Peter and the other Apostles have is based upon His anointing and call.

When Yeshua spoke of the Holy Spirit He called Him the ‘Spirit of Truth’ (John 16v13). When we walk in truth the Spirit is going to function mightily in us. The outcome of hindering the Holy Spirit, by behaving deceitfully, does not lead to life but leads to death.

Verse 10: “She fell immediately at his feet and she expired. And the young ones, entering in, found her dead and they carried and buried her near her husband.”

At his feet: This place of ‘at their feet’ has been emphasized in this text. Part of the Apostles’ role was to:

1. Minister – receive from others in order to meet the needs of those in need.
2. They had authority. When they were challenged, or lied to, they brought about judgment.

She expired: She died in a similar way to her husband. God is a God of equality. A man lies and he is punished. A woman lies and she too is punished. The punishment of one is the punishment of the other.

Buried her near her husband: They were partners in deceit and suffered the same consequence.


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