CHAPTER 4 | Verses 19-27

Verse 19: “But Peter and John, answering them, said: ‘If it is righteous before God to obey you rather than God you judge.” 

Obey you: These members of the Sanhedrin, and the priesthood, had both political and divinely given authority. 

Romans 13v1-5 tells us that we need to submit to authority. However, what Peter and John are saying here is that we cannot obey man’s authority if it is at the expense of disobeying God. This Scripture speaks of God’s supreme authority overall. If a law is passed that is in conflict with the commandments of God, then we obey God rather than that law. 


Verse 20: “For we are not able, what we see and what we hear, not to speak.” Peter and John are rejecting the order (4v18) of the Sanhedrin in order to obey God rather than man. 


Verse 21: “After threatening them they released them. There was nothing found on which they could punish them, on account of the people that were all giving glory to God because of what had happened.” 


Verse 22: “For the man more than 40 years he had, this one whom it happened this sign of healing.” 

40 years: The man was more than 40 years old. The number 40 has to do with a transition or a change. Change will only come when an individual realizes that he is ultimately under the authority of God and that he must submit to the will of God. 

Sign of healing: It had revelation attached to it.  


Verse 23: “Releasing them they went back to their own, and they proclaimed to them what the high priests and elders had said.” 

They went back to their own: Peter and John went back to their fellow believers. 


Verse 24: “These, having heard this, were in one desire. They lifted up their voice to God and they said: ‘Sovereign L-rd, You are God. The One who made the heaven, the earth, the sea and all which is in them.’” 

One desire: These believers heard the law from the Sanhedrin, but they were of one mindset – and that was to agree with Peter and John. 

The One who made…all: This text is giving a rationale as to why we should obey the Creator God above all. He did not only create the first heaven and earth, but He is also going to create the New Heaven and Earth – in which He will establish His Kingdom. 


Verse 25: “The One through the mouth of David, Your servant, said: ‘In order that the nations should rage and the people plan that which is vain.’” 

Servant: Or son. A young man who is supposed to serve a superior – His father, or one who has authority over him. 

In order that the nations should rage and the people (A synonym for ‘nations’, the leaders of the nations) plan that which is vain: A quote taken from Psalm 2v1 


Verse 26: “For the kings of the Earth, and the rulers, stand up and are gathered unto him, against the L-rd and against His Messiah.” 

Quoted from Psalm 2v2 Stand up: They stand up in opposition Are gathered: Something ungodly causes them to be gathered together in unity with an agenda against the plans and purposes of God. 

Against the L-rd and against His Messiah: Unity between God and Yeshua (Supports the trinity) 


Verse 27: “For they were gathered against truth and also against Your Faithful and Holy servant Yeshua, whom You have anointed.”

Holy: Holy has to do with purpose. Yeshua was the One who carried out the purposes of God – offering up His life as a sacrifice


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