CHAPTER 4 | Verses 11-18

Verse 11: “This One, ‘The Stone which the builders have rejected’, has become the chief Cornerstone’.”

This One: Speaking about Yeshua

The Stone which the builders have rejected: This is a quote taken from Psalm 118v22

The builders: The leaders, those who were supposed to build the kingdom.

Rejected: This is also a word that means ‘to loathe’.

The chief Cornerstone: Yeshua is the One who is foundational in establishing that Kingdom.


Verse 12: “And it is in no other Saviour. For no other name under heaven is given to men in which it is absolutely necessary for us to be saved.”

No other Saviour: There is no other means of salvation, only One way and One name has been given to us. In John 14v6 we are told that it is by means of the Son that we come to the Father.

Never do we see that by faith in the Father can we come to the Son.


Verse 13: “They, perceiving (intently looking at) Peter and the boldness, also John, having understood that the men were uneducated, and were also regular (ordinary) men, they were amazed by them and recognized that they were with Yeshua.”

Boldness: That boldness came from a confidence of knowing something, and knowing it without any doubt. Peter and John were confident in what they were sharing, and that confidence made an impression on those leaders.

Recognized that they were with Yeshua: It was because of their time with Yeshua that they had confidence in the Word of God.


Verse 14: “Looking upon the man with them standing, the one who had been healed, they did not have anything to say against this.”

The man with them standing: This man showed his loyalty, his faith, his commitment by staying with Peter and John.

They did not have anything to say against this: There was nothing that they could say against what had happened.


Verse 15: “But they commanded them outside the Sanhedrin to go, and they took counsel with one another saying:”

Outside the Sanhedrin: The Sanhedrin was also up on the Temple Mount, in the temple area.

They did not want the people, including Peter and John and the man who had been healed, to hear what they were saying.


Verse 16: “What shall we do to these men? A notable miracle has been done through them, and to all the dwellers in Jerusalem it has been manifested, which we are not able to deny.”


Verse 17: “But in order that further it should not spread among the people we must threaten them that they should not speak in this name to any man.”

It should not spread into the people: They could not deny that a powerful miracle had taken place, but they did not want the result – they were against God moving in Kingdom truth, power, and revelation.


Verse 18: “And they called them, and they commanded them that they should not speak nor teach in the name of Yeshua.”

They commanded: The majority of the Sanhedrin (it only took 51% for the Sanhedrin decisions to be reported as unanimous) commanded them.

They should not speak nor teach in the name of Yeshua: This is the greatest indicator that there is power in the name of Yeshua.


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