CHAPTER 7 | Verses 20-26

Verse 20: “At this time Moses was born. He was fitting to God. He was raised up three months in the house of his father.”

Fitting (appropriate) to God: In Hebrew, the word ‘tov’ is used. This means ‘good’ i.e. He was appropriate for the will of God to be manifested through him.

Three months: 3 is for the purpose of revealing something.

Verse 21: “When he was placed in that river the daughter of Pharaoh lifted him up and raised him as her own son.”

Lifted him up: This word has a resurrection context to it. Moses should have died but God brought him out of death. Like all those other children who were cast into the river and died, Moses too was cast in, but his parents, by faith, placed him in a little basket. The word used here for ‘basket’ is the same word used for the ark that Noah built. Those who went in, by faith, were saved.

Verse 22: “Moses grew in all wisdom of Egypt and was powerful in word and deed.”

Grew in all wisdom: Moses had an anointing upon him. Egypt was the foremost place, at this time, for academics, education in the ancient Sciences etc.

Verse 23: “And when it was multiplied unto him 40 years it went up upon his heart to look upon his brothers, the sons of Israel.”

Multiplied unto him 40 years: When he was 40 years old. 40 is the number associated with change.

To look upon: This word means to look critically at something, but from a spiritual standpoint. Moses was looking at his people assessing their spiritual condition. It was not right for them to be people in Egypt when they were meant to be heirs in Israel.

Sons: Heirs

Verse 24: “Seeing a certain one behaving unrighteously (unjustly) he defended and avenged the one who was being oppressed. He slew the Egyptian.”

Verse 25: “He reasoned that his brethren would understand that God, through his hand, would give to them salvation; but they did not understand.”

He reasoned: He thought God, through his hand: When Moses looked at his people he thought that they would recognize and understand that God, with His hand upon Moses, would save them. But they did not.

Verse 26: “On the next day he appeared to them who were having contention. He compelled them to peace and said, ‘You know it is not right, men. You are brothers and it is not proper that you act unjustly to one another.”

He appeared to them: Moses came upon two Israelites who were fighting with each other.

It is not proper that you act unjustly: Moses was interested in justice and did not want the people of God warring against one another.


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