CHAPTER 7 | Verses 9-13

Verse 9: “There was a certain man named Simon who previously had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed the people of Samaria. Saying himself that he was someone great.”

Practiced sorcery: Simon used either the occult, or was an illusionist, in order to give the impression that he was someone great.

Someone great: Simon earned money from this and he liked money, but, even more than money, he liked people thinking he was great.

This is rooted in pride and rebellion toward God (Matthew 5v16 – when people see our good works it should cause them to praise God and not us. The objective of a servant of God is not to make oneself great, but to make God great). Insecurity and humility are not the same things.

Insecurity is, often, connected to pride.


Verse 10: “To whom all, from the small unto the great, were paying attention and they were saying about him (Simon), ‘This one is the great power of God.’”

This one is the great power of God: Simon had deceived them by saying he was someone great.

Simon did this pretending to have the very power of God.


Verse 11: “They were paying attention to him, because for a long time, with his magic, he was amazing them.”

Amazing them: They could not figure out, and were shocked by, what Simon was able to do.

They attributed it to God. This is satanic in origin. satan, created by God, did not want to worship God, but wanted to exalt himself over God. This is very similar to what Simon’s thought process was.

Verse 12; “When they believed Philip, for he was evangelising concerning the Kingdom of God, and the name of Messiah Yeshua, they were baptised; both men and also women.”

The Kingdom of God: When we hear this term, we need to think of ‘change’. This Kingdom is very different from the kingdom of this world. When we receive the gospel, we need to realise that a change is coming in our lives. The preaching of the Kingdom and the name (character) of Messiah Yeshua go together.

Baptised: Signifies a desire to serve and a change in status/transformation.

Verse 13: “Simon, also himself, believed and was baptised. Continuing with Philip, perceiving also the power and the signs that were being done, he was amazed.”

Continuing with: In a very devoted and committed way


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