CHAPTER 6 | Verses 19 - 28

Do we really believe in an all-powerful God? A God who is not bound by the laws of nature, but who frequently transcends these laws in order to reveal Himself? (His power, His attributes, and His character). Many times, in Scripture, we see God violating the laws of nature in order to demonstrate His love, His mercy and His grace.

Verse 18: “And the king went to his sanctuary, and he lodged there. He fasted, and the music he did not bring before him. And his sleep went from him.”

The activity of King Darius, from the moment Daniel was cast into the den of lions until the next morning, is very significant.

Note: Daniel had a much greater influence on the kings of the Medes and the Persians (Darius and Cyrus) then he did on the Babylonian kings (Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar).

Sanctuary: Almost all the English translations use the word ‘palace’. Although this word (???? ??? ?? ( can be translated either palace or temple, the context (King Darius behaving in a spiritual manner) suggests that it should be translated ‘sanctuary’ or ‘temple’ – a place of spiritual activity.

He lodged: He did not go home, but he spent the night in the temple.

He fasted: In Judaism there is no fasting without prayer – they always go together.

The music he did not bring before him: It was not a normal evening for him – he did not have the enjoyments of music, food etc
His sleep went from him: He did not sleep – a night of intercessory prayer.

Verse 19: “Very early in the morning the king got up and he went with haste to the den of lions.”

Very early: At first light (at the break of dawn)

Verse 20: “As he drew near to the den he cried out in a sad voice to Daniel. And the king said to Daniel: ‘Daniel, servant of the Living God whom you serve at all times, has He raised up His hand to save you from the lions?’”

He cried out in a sad voice: This shows something that is so human. Many times, we can have faith for something, and we pray for it, but a niggle of doubt remains (Mark 9:24). Darius believed that God was able to save Daniel – if he did not believe he would not have spent the whole night praying and fasting. However, when he came to the lion’s den (knowing that Daniel had been in with the lions for many hours) he was overcome with grief knowing what could have happened to Daniel.

Servant of the Living God: This did not bother Darius. He knew that this, being a faithful servant of the Living God, was a blessing for Daniel. Daniel serving God was an asset (a blessing) to Darius’ government and not a liability.

Verse 21: “Then Daniel said to the king: ‘O king, live forever!’”

Live forever: When Daniel says this he is being sincere.

Verse 22: “My God has sent His angel to close up the mouths of lions that they would not harm me, on account that I was found faithful before Him. And before you, O king, no evil have I done.”

I was found faithful: Faithfulness produces G-dly activity in our lives (Hebrews 6:10).

No evil: Daniel did not act maliciously against the will of the king or his government.

Verse 23: “And the king rejoiced greatly, and commanded to bring Daniel up from the den. So, Daniel was taken up out of the den, and there was not found on him any wound because he believed in God. “

There was not found on him any wound: Luke 21:17-18. For those who live by faith: we might lose our lives, but ultimately (eternally) no harm will come to us who believe in God.

Verse 24: “And the king commanded that they bring these men who brought charges against Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions – them, their children, and their wives; and the lions overpowered them, and crushed their bones before they even came to the  bottom of the den.”

Before they even came to the bottom of the den: They met judgment swiftly. There was no help or provision for them because they rejected God.

Verse 25: “And King Darius wrote: ‘To all the peoples, nations, and languages that dwell upon the earth: peace be multiplied unto you.’”
Note: For commentary on this verse see Daniel 4:1

Verse 26: “And I send forth a command that in all the governments of my kingdom men should be fearful and pious before the God of Daniel, who is the Living God and exists forever. Whose Kingdom will not be destroyed, and whose reign will not come to an end of days.”

Verse 27: “For He delivers and saves, and He works signs and wonders in heaven and earth. He saved Daniel from the hand of the lions.”


Verse 28: “And this Daniel he did valiantly in the days of the kingdom of Darius and in the kingdom of Cyrus.”

Valiantly: This is a word that relates to power. The reason why Daniel was so successful was because he was faithful to worship God – three times a day. Worshipful people can expect to receive God’s presence, power, and provision in their lives.

Cyrus: Known as ‘The Anointed One of God’. He was the one who gave the edict for the Jewish
people to go back to their land.


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