CHAPTER 11 - verses 8-12

Verse 8: “And also their gods, with their princes and with the desirable vessels of silver and gold he took into captivity to Egypt. His years will stand more than the king of the North.” 

gods: Idols

Egypt: Some scholars point out that Egypt is another term for Northern Africa – not just the modern country of Egypt today. In Daniel’s day, the Egyptian Empire ruled over much of Africa.

His years will stand more: He will have greater power and will reign for a longer period of time than the king of the North at this time.


Verse 9: “And he will come into the kingdom of the king of the South. And he will return to his own land.”

He will come: Context leads us to conclude that this is referring to the king of the North. Once more we see another conflict takes place between these two kingdoms.


Verse 10: “His sons are going to stir up and gather a great multitude of many soldiers. They will come and are going to pass over. He is going to return to his stronghold and stir up strife.”

His sons: The sons of the king of the North.

Stir up: They are going to make conflict.

Pass over: This is the word for overflowing. It is a word that is reminiscent of a flood. In Hebrew there are two words for ‘flood’. One word refers to the kind of flood that happened in Noah’s day. This is a flood where the water just rises up. The kind of flood mentioned here, however, is a different kind of flood. This flood is a sudden, rushing flood of water (example: like a flood that happens when a dam wall breaks or like a tsunami). This army is described as a rushing flood.

Stronghold: Fortress.

Note: In this next generation it is the North that takes the position of leadership.

Verse 11: “The king of the South will be enraged. He will go forth and will fight with him. The king of the North will stand a great multitude, but this multitude will be given into his hand.”

Enraged: A word of intense hatred and anger.

Will stand a great multitude: The king of the North will be ready for battle.

His hand: Meaning into the hands of the king of the South. Once again, the power is back with the South.

Verse 12: “He (the king of the South) is going to lift up this multitude and his heart is going to be raised up. He is going to cast many multitudes down, but he will not be strong.”

Lift up this multitude: He is going to put them aside, defeat them.

Will not be strong: Even though he is victorious his victory is not going to lead to him being empowered for a long period of time.


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