CHAPTER 11 - verses 4-7

Verse 4: “As he stands, his kingdom will be broken and is going to be divided into the four winds of the heavens. Not for his end and not according to his rule which he rules. His kingdom is going to be uprooted, even for others besides these.”

Broken: A good study of this word will show that it does not necessarily mean ‘broken’ in the sense of being destroyed. It can mean that it is changed, or that it goes through a transformation.

Four: In Scripture, four is a global number – to the North, South, East, and West. This empire will spread its influence throughout the entire world. 

Not for his end: This division does not bring an end to this empire.

Even for others besides these: This is a very unique term. It is a word that speaks of the supernatural, something completely different. This leader is going to be different. He is going to have (supernatural) others empowering him.

Note: In these verses we read about a conflict between two kingdoms (the North and the South) who are constantly at war with each other. We are also going to see that Israel is right in the middle of all of these conflicts.

Verse 5: “And the king of the South will grow strong, and one from his officials will grow strong. He will rule a government, and powerful is his government.”

Officials: Primary leaders. Cabinet officials in government.

Powerful: Great or abundant (more than normal).

Verse 6: “At the end of years they are going to be joined together. The daughter of the king of the South will come to the king of the North in order to make an agreement, but it will not stop his power. She is going to be given up – together with the ones who brought her, even the one who gave birth to her, and the one who made her strong in this time.”

End:  ץ ֵֵ֤ק  (This end times word is again used in the text. This is an indicator that this passage has last days implications written all over it.

Years: The term ‘years’ can be understood as ‘time’. I.e. “At the end of time”.

Be joined together: A confederacy will be established between the king of the North and the king of the South.

The daughter … will come: Frequently, in order to try to establish peace and agreement between two kingdoms, marriages were utilized as a type of treaty. A woman would be given (either to a prince or sometimes to the king himself) in order to try to secure peace. What we see here is a human attempt to bring peace between the king of the South and the king of the North. As strong as this king of the South is he feels insecure about the king of the North.

Note: The emphasis of this passage is on the king of the North. We know, according to many other prophecies, that, at the end, the antichrist (who is going to come from the North) is going to march against Israel with a vast army. His purpose is going to be for the destruction of Jerusalem, as well as to take over the leadership of it.

Power: In this context it is a military term speaking about force (another word for ‘armies’).

This marriage agreement is not going to stop the power (or armies) of the king of the North.

Given up: She is going to be rejected. The king of the North is very powerful and does not need this marriage agreement/treaty to feel strong. He feels comfortable and secure enough to stand alone.

The ones who brought her: Those who took her to the king of the North.

Verse 7: “And (one) will stand from the sprouts of her roots upon his base. He will come with an army and will go into the stronghold of the king of the North, and he will do war with them and be strengthened.”

(One) will stand: A new leader for this empire of the South.

The sprouts of her roots: From her offspring.

His base: The king of the South’s base.

War: Battle. Make conflict.

Be strengthened: We see a change. At one time it was the king of the North that seemed to have all of the power (so much so that he rejected the treaty of marriage), but now the rejected daughter’s offspring has risen up onto the pedestal of the kingdom of the South. He made war against the North and temporarily subdued them.


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