CHAPTER 1 | Verses 13 - 17

Verse 13: “You shall not continue to bring the offering of futility and incense which is an abomination to Me. The New Moons, the Sabbaths, and your holy convocations – I am not able to tolerate the wickedness nor your assembly.”

Offering of futility: That which is a vanity, that which is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Abomination: Because of their mindset and their behaviour God was not pleased with their offerings. What they thought was a sweet-smelling aroma in God’s nostrils (incense) was in fact a stench.

I am not able to tolerate: God no longer wanted to see Judah in this spiritual condition. He no longer wanted these observances from them.

Verse 14: “Your New Moons and your appointed days My Soul hates; they have become a burden, I have grown weary of lifting them up.”

Soul: Speaking of the very essence of someone (in this case: God), their innermost being.

Hates: A very strong word of profound dislike. I have grown weary of lifting them up: God is very frustrated with the people, and He has
grown tired of responding to them.

Verse 15: “When you spread out your hands, My eyes will ignore you. When you make abundant prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood.”

Spread out your hands: Lift up their hands to the Lord.

Ignore…not listen: Because of their actions, their deeds, God is no longer going to engage with them. He is distancing Himself from them as He is displeased with them.

Your hands are full of blood: They have shed innocent blood.


Verse 16: “Wash yourselves, purify yourselves. Remove evil deeds from before My eyes and cease to do evil.”

Wash yourselves…: God is calling them to repent. It is only when they repent that God will offer them forgiveness.


Verse 17: “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Make straight the ruthless one. Judge properly the orphan. Contend for the widow.”

Learn to do good: Learn to do the things which are the will of God.

Seek justice: This is one of the good things that God is calling us to do. We do not only demand justice with our words, we need to act in a manner that establishes justice.

Make straight: Correct

Ruthless one: This one is far removed from, he is in opposition to, the things of God.

Note: When we are willing to do these things mentioned above, we are going to see God move in such a way that His anointing comes upon His people. It is only then that the ruthless ones are going to be changed. When we do not contend for the widow or look out
for the orphan (the least of our brethren) then we work to empower the wicked behaviour of those who are ruthless, and we let them take over the leadership in our midst. The offering of God’s salvation is always accompanied with a command from God to change. We
are not saved by our ability to change, but we won’t be saved if we do not believe that God is calling us to change. We have to agree that sin is wrong, and we have to have the desire to turn away from it. We will never find the power to do that until we’re saved. The
proclamation of salvation, the offering of the good news of God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy, is always attached to a call to repentance – this desire to turn away from evil and embrace that which is good.


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