In the short term, whether there will be a Palestinian State will not change what the Bible reveals. The prophets teach that the enemies of Israel will be on her borders. Today, this is a reality. In the future, Israel will be attacked, but this is not the battle that will end at Megiddo and will bring about the return of the Lamb. Although Israel will be persecuted greatly during this period, the worst time for Israel is reserved for the end times. This preliminary conflict, and the tremendous amount of Israeli suffering, will provide the antichrist with the rationale to rebuild the Temple and enlarge Israel’s borders. 

This is comparable to how the atrocities of the Holocaust led to the support for the establishment of the modern State of Israel.
Let’s review what one can expect to happen according to the prophets.

1. The world will become full of instability. This instability will be economic, social, and political. There will be an increase in conflicts throughout much of the world. Wars, armed conflicts, and terrorism will undermine social well-being. These factors, coupled with an increase in natural disasters, disease, and political corruption and tyranny, will make the world a most difficult place in which to reside.

2. Due to the aforementioned, and the massive amount of world debt, a global financial melt down will take place.

3. Islam will take advantage of this instability and move swiftly throughout much of the world, bringing oppression and persecution to all who resist Sharia Law.

4. The world will feel unable to combat this rise of Islam and suppress the horrible suffering that Islam inflicts upon the world.
5. An empire will emerge out of Europe that will defeat the Islamic caliphate and usher in a time of peace and prosperity that the world has never enjoyed previously.

6. This empire will provide for the rebuilding and functioning of the Temple in Jerusalem and bring security to Israel and the Jewish people in general, after the harsh persecution Jewish people and the Nation of Israel suffered under the Islamic caliphate.

7. Religious extremism will be blamed for much of the problems that the Islamic caliphate brought upon the world and a type of religious pluralism will be promoted by this new European empire.

8. A leader will emerge out of this empire and this one is the antichrist. He will begin a time of intense persecution of those who take literally the Bible and follow after the Lamb.

9. Slowly the antichrist will begin to move the empire away from a religious tolerance based in pluralism, and establish a form of idolatry; whereby all people must pledge absolute loyalty to him and this empire. Those who refuse to embrace this will not be
able to commit any form of commerce and eventually be put to death.

10. This European empire will be one that existed previously and was known for its intense persecution of the Jewish people. This empire is said to have suffered a mortal wound, but this wound will be healed. It is my view that this empire which will rule in the last days is a type of resurrected “Nazi empire”.

11. The antichrist will at first continue the benevolent actions toward Israel and the Jewish people, desiring that the Jewish community embrace him as all other peoples have done, except for believers in the Lamb.

12. Israel and the Jewish community at large will reject the antichrist’s claim that he is their messiah and god.

13. Immediately after this rejection, two events will take place. The first is the snatching away to heaven of the Lamb’s followers who are still alive (most will have been put to death). This will bring about a great reunion of all believers throughout the last 2,000 plus years together in heaven. The second event is the worst time of persecution for the Jewish people ever. This period is called by the Prophet Jeremiah, Jacob’s Time of Trouble.

14. In the next forty-two months, while the antichrist and his empire are attempting to exterminate the Jewish people, God will be pouring out upon the world His judgement and then His consuming wrath. This period will end with the battle of Armageddon and the victory of the Jewish people, when the Lamb returns and delivers them from all the nations of the world who went to war against them.


I have stated several times that the final empire, and the one from which the antichrist will rule, will be a resurrected Nazi empire. Most people scoff upon hearing this opinion. What do I mean by a resurrected Nazi empire? There are two primary components of this empire that relate to the Nazis. The first is geographical. This simply means that initially the final empire will emerge out of Europe. It is clear that soon thereafter it will expand over the world. The second is philosophical. In its early days, this empire will be tolerant and inclusive in nature. 

In other words, this empire will conceal its true intentions. However, like the Nazis, once fully in power, this empire will become most oppressive. In a Nazilike fashion, this final empire will use violence and intimidation to impose its idolatrous policies upon the world.

The Prophet Daniel draws a correlation between the antichrist and the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes. This ruler outlawed all cultural and religious practices that were in conflict with the ideology of his empire. Antiochus wanted absolute rule over all aspects of a person’s life. Both Antiochus and Hitler utilized a type of “secret police” to gather information about those who rejected their policies. Such violators were brutally dealt with and frequently assassinated.

Hitler had a satanic obsession with exterminating the Jewish people and so too, in the end, will the antichrist. Whereas Hitler’s quest for world domination killed a reported 70 million people, one can only imagine the vast amount of people who will not only die, but suffer eternal judgement because of one’s association with the antichrist.

Be assured that I am not asserting that this final empire will have the swastika as its symbol and be based in Berlin. However, Germany is the leading country in Europe and will certainly be part of this empire. The antichrist will be a demonic, charismatic figure similar to Adolf Hitler. When this empire begins to change from a pluralist, “benevolent” rule, to that of a totalitarian, fascist, oppressive regime, there is no question that people will begin to associate this empire’s methodology and practices with that of Nazism. Furthermore, this empire will utilize the fear and terror of this association to its own advantage. The antichrist will appear at first as a unifier and a defender of the oppressed. His victory over the Ram will cause most individuals to hail his ascension to leadership.

However, it will not be long after coming to power that this will begin to change and his true obsession for absolute authority and his god complex will be manifested. In conclusion, this final empire will indeed have a shocking and horrifying connection to the Nazi empire.

– Dr. Baruch Korman 


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