The GOAT - The Mark of the Empire


The Goat will demand an absolute allegiance and require all people who want to benefit from the prosperity and security that this empire will provide, to demonstrate their loyalty to it. The empire will develop a mark (sign) which people will have to receive on their forehead or arm. Without this sign/mark, people will not be allowed to buy or sell or commit any financial transaction. One should pay close attention to the fact that the mark is placed on the forehead or arm. This corresponds to the place that God commanded the Jewish people to place His commandments. The message is clear, either one is going to demonstrate loyalty to the Goat and receive material benefits or suffer for one’s faith in the commandments of God. In addition to the mark of the Beast (Goat), there is another requirement for those who want to receive benefits from this empire. All citizens of this empire who want to be in good standing must make an image to the Goat. Once again, making an image is forbidden and is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments. Why would modern people with intelligence make an image? We have learned that the Goat represents an empire. There are two very important things that are stated about this empire. The first is that it had a mortal wound that was healed and the second is that it is able to do miraculous signs. These signs, as well as the mortal wound which was healed, will serve as strong delusion that will lead people astray. The mortal wound which was healed conveys two thoughts to the reader. We already know that this empire had previously been established and reigned for a comparatively short amount of time and then it will resurface in the last days. Some believe that this is the proper understanding of the mortal wound being healed; namely, that this empire was destroyed, but it will once again rise to power. When we examine the Biblical text related to the Goat’s mortal wound which was healed, there is a degree of amazement that this empire returned to power. The second thought which the healed wound expresses is that of resurrection. Resurrection is related to victory. Despite the mortal wound that the Goat received, it rose to power again, conveying to the people that it cannot be defeated. Once again, when studying the passages relating to this issue, there is a sense of futility among the people in opposing this empire. Now let’s examine the miraculous signs that were performed. 


If one pays close attention, it was actually the leader of this empire, i.e. the antichrist, who performed many of the acts that amazed the people. When the antichrist is finally revealed, he will cause a significant change concerning the character of the empire. It has been stated that initially religious pluralism would characterize this empire, but with the ascension of the antichrist to power, this will all change. No longer will each person be allowed to worship as one believes; rather, the antichrist will abruptly demand that all worship the Goat. It will be the supernatural signs that he performs that will serve as a basis for people agreeing to worship this empire. One of the signs that the antichrist will perform is to command fire to come down from the heavens before the people. This will demonstrate a divine aspect (false) of both the antichrist and the empire to those over whom he rules. These manifestations of supernatural power will answer the question earlier posed to the reader: Why would modern people with intelligence make an image? When humanity sees the return of this empire, which was thought to be destroyed but has now assumed absolute power, coupled with all the expressions of supernatural power and miracles, and the prosperity and peace that the world is enjoying, only those who obey the Scripture will not make an image to the empire. This image is said to be of the Goat, who suffered a mortal wound but now lives. Once a person makes this image, it is said that the image will come alive and speak. By means of this image, the empire will control people, knowing whether a person is loyal to the empire or not. If one refuses to make the image, then he will be put to death. During this time, religious freedom will cease and everyone must demonstrate absolute loyalty to the empire and worship its leader, the antichrist. We shall return to the issue of worship and the antichrist later in this study, but let’s continue learning the objectives of the Goat.

– Dr. Baruch Korman 


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