For over a century, the United States of America has been the most powerful nation and a force for peace throughout the world, but things are rapidly changing. Today, many of the foundational characteristics of the United States are being questioned or abandoned altogether. American influence and power is lessening and a significant percentage of the U.S. population sees this as desirable. There is a growing belief that America should retreat from its position as the world’s only super-power and join the international community under a diversity of leadership. Biblical prophecy foresees a new world power emerging from Europe. It will be this new world governmental entity that will take the leadership position in fighting the Ram, i.e. the Islamic empire. Because the Ram represents an evil and oppressive empire, the fact that another, stronger empire, will rise up and defeat it, should be a reason for celebration. The problem is that this second empire will become the global government from which the antichrist will emerge. This empire will become the worst and most oppressive empire of all time.

In Daniel chapter eight, the prophet was attempting to understand the significance of this first beast, i.e. the Ram; when behold, a second beast came out from the west. Whereas Daniel used the term Ram to describe and identify the first beast, he also clearly states that the Ram is Iran (a coalition of Islamic States led by Iran). In regard to the second beast, Daniel uses the term “Greece” in order to identity this empire. One should not understand the term “Greece” as a specific country; but rather that Greece in Daniel’s
time was synonymous with Europe in general. Hence, the Goat is an European Empire. 

What Daniel is clearly revealing is that there will be a major war between a confederation of Islamic States and Muslims in general, under the leadership of Iran, and an international coalition of nations led by Europe. In describing this European Empire, Daniel uses a phrase that may seem odd to most people. Daniel states that this second beast moves across the face of the earth without touching the ground. This expression informs readers that the empire has a supernatural component. Obviously, in Daniel’s time, traveling above the earth was not possible. In an early chapter of Daniel’s prophecy, he describes four beasts. When he comes to the fourth beast (Empire), he speaks in terms that describe this empire as unique and different from those that preceded it. 

Before a more detailed discussion of this empire is presented, it is necessary to reconcile a few prophetic passages. In the book of Revelation, John discusses eight empires. They are:
1. Egypt
2. Assyria
3. Babylon
4. Medes and Persians
5. Greece
6. Rome
7. Unknown

8. Also unknown, but is from the seventh. This means the seventh and eighth are the same.


What is most significant is that John states that there will actually be an eighth empire and this one will be from or of the seventh. John makes it clear that in one sense, all of the empires are connected together (John speaks of them as seven heads of one beast);
but the final two (seventh and eighth), are in essence the same empire that simply will be re-established at a later period. However, when one studies all of these eight empires, and the prophetic discourses concerning them, it will become evident that Greece, Rome, the seventh and the eighth, are all European. Daniel and John referred to both Greece and Rome when prophesying about a unique evil empire that will be manifested in the last days prior to the Kingdom being established. For example, Daniel speaks of Greece, one of the leaders of the fifth empire, as a typology of the antichrist. He also speaks of Rome as a reference for discerning some of the features of the final empire. 

The Ram which was mentioned in chapter 2 is NOT one of these eight empires referred to in the book of Revelation and by Daniel. Although the fourth empire shares a common name (Persia) and also relates to some of the same geographical regions, the Ram is unique and different. This empire (The Ram) will bring about the instability in the world that will give rise to the final empire assuming power. Daniel emphasizes that fear and a sense of helplessness will describe how most of the world will feel as the Ram grows in power and authority. One can imagine how relieved much of the world will be when this second beast, known as the Goat, rises up to wage war against the Ram. 

In a miraculous manner, this Goat will defeat the Ram. The Goat will grow great in power and when his larger horn brakes, four other horns grow in its place. What is the meaning of this statement? The number four in Hebrew numerology relates to the world. Jewish sages understand that the number four expresses a global significance. In other words, this European empire will expand its rule over the world. Daniel states that this empire will expand to the south, east and the “Beautiful Land”, which refers to the Land of Israel.


Today, many students of prophecy believe that the religion of this European empire in the last days will be Islam. This is not true. As has been previously stated, Islam will be the religion of the Ram. The world will perceive that Muslim extremists and those who literally interpreted the Koran were the cause of all the suffering brought on by the Ram. Whereas Islam hates the Jewish people, and desires to destroy the Nation of Israel, the Goat will initially have seemingly good intentions for Israel. Because Islam was so destructive to humanity under the Ram’s leadership, the Goat will at first ensure religious liberty to all. The Goat will take strong measures against those who believe that their religious views are absolute truth and only their religion provides the true way to God. 

Initially, the religion of this European empire that rules over the world in the last days will be a type of religious pluralism. People will remain free to worship how they please, as long as they acknowledge all religious expressions have equal merit. The religious character of the Goat will be most problematic for those who believe in the New Testament. For the New Testament presents the Lamb, Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth), as G-d’s only Son and the only Savior of humanity. In other words, the Goat and followers of the Lamb will be on a major collision course.


Daniel has already revealed that there is a supernatural aspect to the Goat. This empire will reign during a time of great prosperity and world peace. The Goat’s strength will guarantee security for all the nations of the world. Many people will believe that a type of utopia has arrived. Due to these prosperous and secure times, there will be overwhelming support for the Goat’s social, economic and political policies. Again, it will only be those who have faith in the words of Scripture who will discern the real identity of the Goat and its leader. During this time of earthly peace and prosperity, the Goat will set his sight on another opponent. Daniel states that the Goat will exalt itself to the heavenly army. 

Most understand this phrase as a reference to the angels. Because the origin of the Goat’s power is Satan, he will break through the angelic realm to the captain of the angels, Michael. This statement is to inform the reader that the war which the Goat will eventually fight is not only against flesh and blood, but against God Himself. The Goat will want to exalt himself above the One True God and thwart the Lamb’s purpose to establish a Kingdom of Righteousness. An integral part of God’s plan concerns the people and the Land of Israel. The Goat will have a strong affinity for Jerusalem and allow the Temple to be rebuilt in its proper location. The leader who will emerge from this empire will be the antichrist. 

The antichrist will want the Jewish people to accept him and therefore he will do many favorable things for the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel. Temple worship will be reinstated, but there will be a plurality to the worship at the Temple. Jerusalem will be seen as a holy city to many different religions. While most of the Jewish leadership will rejoice over the Temple and the security and legitimacy that the Goat has given to Israel, another battle will be taking place. This battle will be a highly spiritual one that happens in a heavenly realm. Once again, the antichrist will strive to keep the Jewish people from returning to their God and submitting to their calling, in order to hinder the Lamb’s Kingdom from being established.


It has already been stated that there will be a connection between the Goat and Satan. Because of this relationship, this empire will have a blasphemous character. In the book of Revelation, there are two aspects of the Goat that will cause the vast majority of people to submit to his authority. The first has to do with a mortal wound that the Goat suffers, but will eventually be healed. The second is the miracles he will do to deceive the world. There is no question that this empire, which has an European quality to it, is the eighth and final empire. This will be the empire which the antichrist will utilize in his attempt to defeat the Lamb and His purposes. Because the Goat is the eighth and final empire and is from the seventh, it is incumbent upon the reader to identify the seventh.

There are two possibilities that must be considered concerning this empire. The first possibility is that the seventh empire has not emerged yet. Therefore, we will have to wait until it begins to reign, in order to discern its identity. If this is correct, then we are not as close to the end times as many Biblical scholars think. The second possibility is that the seventh empire has indeed risen to power. John, in the book of Revelation, states that this empire will only rule for a short period of time, relative to the six previous empires (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes-Persia, Greece, and Rome). All of these previous empires oppressed and persecuted the Jewish people for a portion of its rule. Hence, the seventh empire must also be known as a persecutor of the Jewish people. This empire must also be based in Europe, since the Goat is European. 


I would like to suggest to the reader that the seventh empire is Nazi Germany. The fact that the Nazi empire murdered over six million Jewish people makes it the greatest persecutor of Jewish people of all time. It is hard to imagine that such a murderous reign, which wanted to exterminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth, would have no prophetic implications. The Nazi obsession with eliminating the Jewish race had two purposes behind it:

The first was to gather support for its political movement. One should not underestimate the amount of people who are anti-Semitic. History is very clear that the Nazi political platform was extremely anti-Semitic in order to bring people into the Nazi party. Today, there is an alarming trend toward a growing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic perspective in Europe and many other parts of the world. Jewish educational institutions and synagogues throughout Europe must take strong security measures in order to protect both their buildings and their Jewish residents against acts of terrorism and violence. Jewish cemeteries are frequently vandalized with writings that manifest the same anti-Jewish rhetoric that Nazis used prior to and during World War Two.

The second purpose of Nazi obsession was rooted in perhaps an aspect that was not fully understood by its followers. When it was clear that Germany and her allies were going to lose the war, Hitler and top Nazi leaders increased their efforts to murder more Jews in the Nazi death camps. What purpose did this really serve? Resources were diverted from the war’s cause in order to continue to kill the greatest number of Jewish people. The reason behind this was satanic. Satan knows the important role that Jewish people will play in the last days; hence, if there are fewer Jewish individuals, then perhaps their role will not be able to be accomplished. In other words, the Nazis were a tool which was used by Satan in his attempt to thwart the will of God.

It is very interesting that Adolph Hitler referred to his empire as The Third Reich (The Third Empire). Most historians understand the basis for this term to be found in a book written by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck in 1923. This book calls the Holy Roman Empire 962-1806 the first Reich and the German empire 1871-1918 the second Reich. Was Hitler connecting his Nazi empire to these former ones? A study of Hitler’s demented view of himself reveals that he saw himself connected in some mystical manner to the ancient leaders of both Greece and Rome. In other words, Hitler saw his empire as a re-emerging of the former Greek and Roman empires; rather than as a resurfacing of those empires in van den Bruck’s book.

It is important to remember that in the early stages of the Goat’s reign, that this empire will not be anti-Semitic, but as was stated previously, the antichrist will attempt to lure the Jewish people to himself. We will learn that his final action to accomplish this goal will fail and then the Goat and the antichrist will turn violently and ruthlessly against Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world, ushering in the worst time for the Jewish people in all their history. Shaul from Tarsus (the Apostle Paul) writes that there will be two distinct periods of time in the last days. 

The first period is what we have already discussed, the birth pains. This was defined as a period of world instability in which the Ram will cause much hardship and suffering. At the end of this first period, the Goat will defeat the Ram and establish a world government that will usher in a time of peace and prosperity. This is the second period. The Goat’s rule will begin with a treaty that will be enacted with Israel. This treaty will allow the Temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt and to function. However, as was stated previously, there will be a pluralistic character to the city of Jerusalem and to the Temple.

Jerusalem will be a type of international religious center. Because of this great time of prosperity and world security, the Goat will be beloved by most people. Only a small faction of Bible believers and Lamb followers will speak against the blasphemous character of the Goat. Those who proclaim that the Lamb is the only Savior and that the true people of God worship Him, will violate the pluralistic values of this empire and will be severely punished. In other words, an intense time of persecution will begin against those who hold to the authority of the Word of God and believe in the Lamb’s testimony.

– Dr. Baruch Korman 


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