Miketz - (From the end)

Torah Portion: Miketz (From the end)

Torah Reading: Genesis 41:1-44:17

Prophetic Reading: Zechariah 2:14-4:7


“God Will Eventually Manifest the Truth”

Although our theology should come from what the Bible says and not from what does not appear in the Scriptures, I do think one can learn an important message from something that is not written in this week’s Torah portion. We are all familiar with the account of Joseph being sold into slavery and how he became the leader of Egypt under Pharaoh. It is also well known how the brothers came down to Egypt to buy food and how eventually Joseph revealed himself to them. It is within this section that Joseph places his silver goblet in the sack of Benjamin to make him appear guilty of stealing it.

Obviously Benjamin was innocent. It is very significant that when Benjamin is caught, as it were “red-handed”, with the goblet, nothing is said of him making a defense. Sometimes in situations it is not beneficial to state your case or argue with others about what they believe concerning you. No matter what Benjamin would have said, the fact that the goblet was in his sack made him appear to be absolutely guilty. In other words, it may simply be best at times to remain silent and trust that God will eventually manifest the truth either in this age or in His kingdom.

Scripture is very clear that one day all things will be revealed, “There is nothing covered that will not be revealed, or nothing hidden that will not be made known.” Luke 12:2

It takes a great deal of faith and humility to wait and to trust God, when everyone is believing a falsehood about you, that Messiah will work it out in a way that one day will vindicate you and glorify Him. A great thing to remember when you feel injustice in this world is the meaning of the name Daniel— God is my judge! By the way, He is also our avenger.

Dr. Baruch Korman – December 15th, 2023 


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