Vayikra - (And He called)

Torah Reading:  Vayikra (And He called)

Torah Reading:  Leviticus 1:1-5:26

Maftir Reading:  Exodus 12:1-20

The Seventh Aliyah Reading:  Numbers 28:9-15

Prophetic Reading:  Ezekiel 45:16-46:18+


“The Presence of God Brings a Person to Fall Under Conviction”

In this week’s Torah portion Moses begins to instruct Israel concerning the various sacrifices and offerings. Much could be said about these, but in this article only one word will be discussed. In the opening verses of Leviticus one reads,

If an elevation-offering is his sacrifice from the cattle an unblemished male, he shall bring it to the door of the Tent of Meeting, he shall offer it willingly, before HaShem.”

Leviticus 1:3

Please note the word “willingly”. Although some translations render it “voluntarily” the idea here is related to that which one desires to do. “לרצונו” This means that for an offering to be accepted by HaShem, one needs to present it to Him, because he desires to do so, and not under some compulsion. In other words, there needs to be an agreement between the individual and God that there is a need for the sacrifice to be made. Many have pointed out that the basis for this agreement is conviction. In regard to this there is a connection between the fact that immediately after setting up the Tabernacle in the end of the book of Exodus, the presence of God (revealed by a cloud) covered the Tabernacle. It is not a coincidence that as soon as HaShem’s presence dwells with the people in a special way, Moses begins to instruct Israel about sacrifices. From this point one learns that it is the presence of God that brings a person to fall under conviction and be moved to respond to his problem with sin.

Although the Tabernacle was first set up nearly 3,500 years ago nothing has changed. If individuals are going to fall under conviction today and be moved to deal with their problem of sin, God must be present before them. How can one assist another person to fall under conviction and cause him to desire (לרצונו)to deal with his sin by accepting Messiah Yeshua? Whenever God’s word is read, His presence can be experienced and there is the best opportunity for one to fall under conviction.

Why not invite your neighbors, work associates, etc. to your home for a Bible Study; you may be surprised how many will come.

Dr. Baruch Korman – March 24th, 2023


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